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At Manifestini Coaching and Consulting, LLC, we believe you can define your own destiny.

Here, we focus on accountability and generating a positive mindset through patterns, routines and thinking patterns that encourages you to be the best you.

We also provide coaching that supports healthy relationships, self care, stress reduction, structure and routine, and condones effective communication.

Do not allow difficulty to define you!

How Does Manifestini Fit into your life?

We coach and educate you on how to achieve and sustain the healthy life you have always looked for by adding daily routines that encompass stress management, nutrition, work-life balance, and adequate sleep.

We guide you in the process of goal and intention setting, by teaching a new method of manifestation with work and accountability.

We empower you to achieve the goals to the healthy and optimal life you have in sights for yourself.

We educate you to evaluate your lifestyle choices and help you to make changes for the best outcome to fit your needs.

We recognize when it is necessary to refer you to a medical or mental health provider.

Virtually Guided Coaching

We will assist you with a self-guided approach, where we will provide you with daily text and calls that assist you with motivation, balance, and support.

Individual Coaching

We can provide a one-on-one experience where your mind, body, and spirit are considered in a holistic approach of coaching. We aim for results that are lasting and reach heights that are realistic and lasting!

Group Coaching

Sometimes, you just want to be around others that can amplify your own energy. Group wellness settings can help you release stress, learn skills, and build relationships.

Supportive Coaching

We are here to provide one-on-one support, resources, and a safe space to sort through the thoughts of
Mental Health Professionals. Whether you are just entering the field or a seasoned veteran of the field,
we are here to help you beat compassion fatigue and burnout by helping you reset your boundaries and
enthusiasm to the field you love!

Owner and founder, Dawn Peterson, has over 16 years of experience in consulting, life coaching, mental health, personal and business development. She specializes in group training and coaching for women and teens.

She continues to have a passion for helping women get through tough times and life transitions as well as teens through the uncomfortable stages of life. She prides herself in meeting the clients where they are at to help with realistic goal setting.